takamine ltd 2021 blue rose

A rare flower that's also an incredibly smooth player.

Superb setup. Ultra-playable. Impeccable construction.

Lacks some low-end thump and sustain.


Takamine LTD 2021


Any Twin Peaks fan knows the significance of the blue rose. It's a flower that does not exist in nature (at least without dyeing or clever genetic engineering). In David Lynch's universe of the bizarre, it symbolizes the mysterious and unexplainable. Elsewhere in myth and literature, the blue rose is used to represent the unattainable. Takamine's own limited-edition LTD 2021 cutaway dreadnought, which has a lovely fretboard inlay of a blue rose, is not exactly unattainable—at least if you can spare the near-$3,300 necessary to score one. But it is destined to be a rare flower. And while it's the super-luxurious adornments that are most likely to sear this Takamine into guitar spotters' memories, there's a good chance that those who play one will remember the model as much for its superb playability as its unique and outré design elements.

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