tapestry audio

A rugged volume pedal with active and passive modes.

Sarasota, FL (May 7, 2015) -- For the last 10 months, Tapestry Audio has been working to re-engineer one of the most common of all guitar pedals: the volume pedal. Since their release of the Time Traveler almost 2 years ago, this company has set out to create new and innovative products by taking the time and teaming up with the right engineers to create a product that is small, solid and stringless.

Because of it's small size, guitar players will now have an option to have a full functioning volume pedal on even the smallest pedalboards. By using a slide potentiometer connected by a direct drive shaft, this VP is nothing short of a game changer when it comes to the volume pedal market. Available in passive and active (dual buffer) models and a tuner output, this small steel pedal is the perfect edition to your pedalboard.

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