thalia zedek

Mad scientist instrument builder Jason Sanford and drummer Gavin McCarthy complete the band E, caught here rocking the Middle East club in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Photo by Ben Stas

The influential artist and her new band E explore the dark and noisy side of songcraft with cheap vintage guitars, homemade instruments, unusual chord voicings, and a triangulated collaboration between two guitars and drums.

“It helps for me to play with a band,” guitarist Thalia Zedek says about her songwriting. “Sometimes I’ll have a song and I just can’t figure out how it should end, or I know there needs to be another part and I can’t really figure it out on my own. I’ve got to go in and play it with the band, and then everything makes sense.”

Don’t misunderstand; Zedek doesn’t only collaborate. Although her latest album’s cover says it’s by the Thalia Zedek Band, Eve is actually her fifth solo release. But synergy is paramount. “When you find someone you really have a strong connection with, it’s pretty special,” she says. Concurrent with Eve’s release is E, the self-titled debut of her trio featuring guitarist/sculptor Jason Sanford of the noise band Neptune and drummer Gavin McCarthy. “E is definitely each of us supplying one side of the triangle,” she says.

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