the autistix

(left to right): AutistiX dad john Duggan, an unidentified fan, Jack Beaven-Duggan, Luke Steels, Jim Connelly, Saul Zur-Szpiro, and Saul's dad, Michael Zur-Sxpiro

Three differently abled young Londoners inspire audiences, filmmakers, and even Sir Tom Jones with relentless humor, fearless performances, and a burning passion.

Pretty much from the moment our trans-Atlantic Skype video call begins, 19-year-old AutistiX bassist Luke Steels is busting chops. He begins with mine. Unsure whether Premier Guitar is known to him and the other core members of the London-based band on the call—20-year-old guitarist Jack Beaven-Duggan, 22-year-old drummer Saul Zur-Szpiro, and 35-year-old vocalist/bandleader/mentor Jim Connelly—I begin by introducing myself and asking if they’ve heard of PG.

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