the guts

Intestinal intensity: Dan Guts (left) wields his Strat while Ben Guts lays into a hollowbody Gretsch Streamliner. Dan sticks to the treble side of the sonic spectrum, while Ben handles the lower guitar voicings.
Photo by Ian Coulson/IC Media

Why British guitarists Dan and Ben Guts divide frequencies and multiply feedback and intensity with such distinctly un-metal instruments.

The next time you visit England (because who doesn’t hop across the pond on occasion?), take a trip to Brighton, a small coastal city just south of London. Brighton is something of an artistic enclave and boasts a thriving poetry scene, alternative art spaces, and even world-famous street art (like Banksy’s “Kissing Policemen”). But Brighton isn’t just galleries and pretentious cafés. Hidden amongst the poets and beautiful people, you’ll find the scruffy, noisy, yet eminently lovable extreme mathcore band, the Guts.

The Guts play guitar-centric metal and feature the twin-guitar attack of Dan and Ben Guts. Dan and Ben are not brothers and “Guts” isn’t their real last name, but the Guts see themselves as mathcore’s answer to the Ramones. They may also be mathcore’s answer to Sly and the Family Stone, in that four of their five members take turns singing lead. The rest of the band is composed of drummer Weezey, bassist Joe, and keyboardist Connor.

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