todd youth

Hardcore heroes Bloodclot are, clockwise from lower left, singer John Joseph, guitarist Todd Youth, bassist Nick Oliveri, and drummer Joey Castillo. “We felt really comfortable doing what we wanted to do without too much concern for the direction,” says Youth.
Photo by Rick Rodney

After years in the thrash, metal, and stoner-rock trenches, the former Danzig guitarist and ex-Queens of the Stone Age bassist return to their roots as a heart-punching hardcore tag team.

American hardcore punk has traveled the world, evolved through myriad sonic and ideological trends, and returned to its origins many times since its inception in the early 1980s. The form has reached and influenced astonishing numbers of people since its days as a fringe movement, and while you may not always be privy to it, people from musical worlds as disparate as Moby and the Beastie Boys have deep roots in hardcore.

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