The Tusc DF-100 was one of the first programmable amps, allowing you to store EQ and
gain settings for its second channel.

Reviving a rare programmable amp from the early ’80s.

Dear Amp Man,

I have a Tusc DF-100. I've never heard the amp, as it was dead when I got it, and it hasn't been played in years. I'd like to get this baby up and running, and I was hoping you could walk me through the process and maybe give me some idea of what I have here. She's all-tube, with four 6L6GCs and two 12AT7s. There's reverb, and what I'm told are two 12" Fane speakers. I'm also told that channel 1 is a very blackface-like, while channel 2 has programmable digital effects. I'll assume the preamp tubes are fine until proven otherwise, though I plan to replace the four output tubes and the electrolytics in the power section. Any assistance will be appreciated.

Doug Guillaume

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