ufnal guitars

Juicy Orange

Three new models from the Polish luthier.

Malbork, Poland (September 8, 2014) -- If black has always been considered to be the color of luxury, elegance and style, orange is the new black then!

A beautiful birdseye maple neck in see-through finish combined with a delicious orange color over an alder body definitely has that attractive look that makes literally everyone stop by and appreciate the beauty of this guitar. But there is so much more than that on the inside: thoroughly picked hardware and hand-filed nut to ensure smooth tremolo action with no tuning loss, custom wound pickups that deliver that essential, juicy tone with less hum than you would expect of classic single coils (so you can easily turn up the gain and not worry about excessive hum), and slight carves on the backside of the body that let you reach the highest levels of the stratosphere with no limitations.

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