zander circuitry

The UK company brand unleashes an insane octave fuzz harkening to the '70s and a dual-channel drive that goes from a sparkly clean boost to overdriven-recording-console tones.

Essex, UK (August 15, 2018) -- Adding to the company’s established line of versatile guitar & bass pedals, Zander Circuitry have introduced two new effects for fuzz & overdrive connoisseurs alike. The Foxxton Woods ‘Upper Octave Fuzz Generator’, a high-gain fuzz inspired by the insane octave fuzz boxes of the 70s. And the Surplus ‘Elemental Overdriver’, a dual channel effect that covers everything from a sparkly clean boost through to overdriven-recording-console style break up.

These two new offerings are in keeping with Zander Circuitry’s wide range of highly-tweakable effects, focusing on maximum versatility without compromising user-friendliness.

Foxxton Woods key features:

  • Input, Body and Punch knobs for controlling the pre-gain, low end and midrange characteristics respectively
  • Six-way clipping diode selection switch (Germanium, Silicon, Red LED, Transistor, MOSFET, None)
  • Octave footswitch for switching the effect from a beefy, high-gain fuzz to an aggressive, face-scrunching octave up fuzz

Watch the Foxxton Woods video demo:

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