An in-depth roundtable on everything you need to know to get—and keep—that big-time gig.

The word “audition” conjures visions of walking into a room with two or three stone-faced people behind a table—they’ll listen to you play a couple of short selections and you get rushed out the door for the next live bait. Although these auditions still exist in the entertainment industry, you don’t see them as much in the music biz anymore. In my entire music career, I’ve only done a few of them myself. That doesn’t mean you won’t be auditioning. It means the nature of auditioning has changed.

Let’s talk about the many types of auditions and how you can best navigate them.

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Five ways Indian-inspired drones can help you improve your intonation.

Chops: Beginner
Theory: Intermediate
Lesson Overview:
• Create simple and meaningful blues phrases in the style of B.B. King.
• Understand how to emphasize chord tones over a blues progression.
• Learn how to use repetition to build tension in your solos.

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Improving your intonation on slide guitar can be a real challenge when you’re flying solo—one is definitely the loneliest number in this context. Most people don’t realize it, but when you’re learning slide guitar, you’re not just developing your muscle memory. Training your ear to discern the subtleties of pitch variation is as important as developing your touch.

Playing with a slide opens the door to much greater pitch inflection then simply fingering a note on the fretboard. When fretting notes, the main challenge is to avoid using a death grip—applying too much pressure will result in a note going sharp. But when playing with a slide, you can easily sound sharp or flat on any given note. Too many players simply rely on their eyesight to tell them when their slide is in tune. Although this can work, to truly master slide you need to learn to hear when it’s in tune. I’ve often had to adjust for a string that went a little out of tune onstage, and when that happens, you can’t trust your vision to bail you out.

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