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Guitar Shop 101: Installing an EVH D-Tuna on a Floyd Rose


First, slide the D-Tuna spring onto the screw, and then slide the knurled unit onto the screw. Photo 6 shows the spring and D-Tuna installed on the new locking screw. Next, insert the locking screw into the bridge saddle and tighten it as usual.

Now, back the 6th-string’s fine tuner all the way out, and then set it so it’s barely touching the replacement screw. Then, with the D-Tuna pulled out—disengaged—tune the 6th string to D and lock down the string nut. In Photo 7, the D-Tuna is installed, but disengaged. Using the Floyd’s fine tuner, tune the 6th string to D.

Test the unit by pushing the D-Tuna towards the bridge, fully engaging it (Photo 8). This should retune the 6th string to E. At this point, use the kit’s included wrench and D-Tuna’s set-screw adjuster to fine tune the E.

Next push down on the D-Tuna to disengage it again and check the tuning to make sure it’s at D. I recommend you do the majority of your D tuning at the headstock, rather than using the Floyd’s fine tuner. Sometimes the fine tuner will shift slightly when you use the D-Tuna, but backing the fine tuner all the way out prevents this from happening.

With a little practice, you’ll find that using a D-Tuna is pretty simple, and you’ll be able to incorporate dropped-D riffage into your music whenever you get the urge.

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