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In Universal Audio’s LUNA DAW, “trim” is offered as an additional automation option.

In the modern world of immersive audio capabilities, knowing how to automate mix parameters is essential.

Let me focus on the paradigm shift in the mixing world—immersive audio. It’s been coming quietly for a long time, and I believe it might just survive the bleached-bone-littered landscape of previous multi-channel mixing technology incarnations that were left for dead and never destined for success, like Quad and 5.1 surround sound.

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The Elk Country model was one of the strangest from the company, featuring a shrimp-tail headstock and Elk vibrato. This one’s logo has been worn off.

The background of Elk Guitars is as intriguing as its oddball models, which are now rarities on the vintage market.

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This guitar certainly sounds superb, and thanks to its fine tonewood ensemble—which consists of a korina neck and body, figured maple top, and Brazilian rosewood—it looks great, too.

When it comes to electric guitar materials, choose the wood that looks good.

Nothing raises the hackles of electric-guitar players like the subject of tonewoods. Maybe that’s why I like to talk about the subject. Unlike many, I enjoy being proven wrong, and believe me when I tell you that, despite my decades of experience, it happens on a regular basis. And despite what may appear to be factual science, there’s also something that can change one’s opinion on matters that don’t get discussed: The practical application of the matter at hand.

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