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Amp Clamp: Portable Microphone Holder

A simple invention that saves stage space

Colubmia, SC (February 14, 2008) -- Sometimes the little things make a big difference. The Ampclamp is one of those little things. This portable microphone holder is made for guitar and/or bass amplifiers, and relieves stage clutter by reducing the need for mic stands.

As any gigging performer knows, using a big vocal mic stand that is spread out and angled to hold an amp mic in the sweet spot takes up a lot of stage room. Even smaller amp mic stands steal valuable stage space. The Ampclamp takes additional stands out of the equation while virtually eliminating the squeel and vibration from raised floor feedback. It easily slides both in and out of the included receiver plate which discreetly mounts to any amplifier. The "Ampclamp" weighs less than 6.0 oz. and can be stowed easily in any gig bag or guitar case.

The Ampclamp was featured at this year''s NAMM Show. Performers like Premier Guitar columnist Toshi Iseda, DB (DB Bryant Band) and Damon Lascot are using it.  "I''ve never used or seen anything that comes close as far as easily placing the mics in the sweet spots on my Marshall cabinet," says DB. "Its simple and efficient design is a breeze to install and the mic stays where you put it."

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