Guitar and Gear: Helping You Get What You Want

As the guitar industry continues to evolve, one thing that seems certain is the way customers are continuing to expand the manner in which they educate themselves about gear, as well as the process in how they purchase. Today’s gear consumers now have a full range of multimedia services and choices available to assist them in their purchasing decisions. It simply isn’t the same marketplace as it was even ten years ago – precisely the reason why it has become increasingly more challenging and more competitive to attain and retain your customers.

To effectively reach out and touch your customers in the way they prefer to be touched is more crucial than it has ever been. It certainly does not take a rocket scientist to understand that customer demographics vary considerably. They vary by lifestyle, geography, age, income and a host of other contributing factors that I won’t bore you with – the good news is they want to buy, and Premier Guitar can assist in ensuring they buy from you.

We are preparing to unleash a host of cutting-edge multimedia services to assist you in reaching your customer. Here is how we plan to accomplish this for you:

Premier Guitar Publication Services, featuring a print readership of 90,000 and consisting of the industry’s most aggressive buyers. This is supported with a cover-to-cover e-zine, available at, featuring advanced “page turning” software. Online readers can view and download content and link to each participating advertiser., one of the industry’s most rapidly expanding music and gear content portals, is home to 400,000 monthly visitors, and 1 million page views. features multimedia instruction, product reviews, artist and company interviews, forums, industry news and plenty of web exclusive content you simply will not find anywhere else. With our latest expansion, Premier Guitar TV, we can now offer reviews, features and interviews with the latest in web TV technology – look for our first episode to premiere at Summer NAMM.

Gear Search, the ultimate search for gear. Gear Search features over 16,000 of the most desirable guitars, amps, pedals and accessories from over 275 nationwide dealers and retailers. Find it, buy it, and sell it on Gear Search, only at

Premier Guitar Shows, an opportunity for guitarists and music enthusiasts to share their passion and meet for an experience. Comprised of five major guitar festivals throughout the country in major markets, these shows will elevate the celebration of the guitar to a spectacular level that has yet to be experienced. We’ll also be offering the industry’s first and only virtual exhibits, so you can live the experience long after the show has ended. Make sure to check out for a full list of events and locations.

These are just a few of the resources that Premier Guitar is utilizing to help you find those customers – whether it’s sitting on the can reading Premier Guitar magazine, downloading an article from, buying a new guitar from Gear Search or sharing the experience face-to-face at Premier Guitar Shows. Rest assured, we’re working hard to expand the market and bring your customer to you – as a wise man once said, “Who loves ya, baby.” Until next month, tone up and throw down.

Nuff sed,
Trent Salter, Publisher

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