We’re suckers for those deals where you buy one and get more than one, whether it’s burritos, haircuts or belts. When it’s two award-caliber pieces of gear in one package, we’re over the moon. The new Two-For-One award is presented with gratitude to two pedals that gave us the best justification for a new gear purchase.

Jetter GS3 Dual Overdrive

We’ve all done it … running one overdrive into another to have three tonal options available. The Jetter GS3 (October 2009) simplifies things significantly—giving you two distinct overdrives in the same housing. Michael Ross described Channel 1 as ranging from “a clean boost that was virtually indistinguishable from the original British sound of the Orange head” to an “excellent dynamic breakup that responded to every variation of guitar volume knob or pick pressure like a $3000 boutique amp,” and Channel 2 as “more aggressive than Channel 1… though not into serious metal territory.” Using both yielded “an almost infinite variety of distortion sounds from Dumble to Plexi.”
Street $289

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Cool MachinePedalworX Cool Machine

The wah and auto-wah modes in the Cool Machine (November 2009) provides two wildly different mods. Using the pedal as a regular wah gives you “sweet, vintage wah tones and super quiet function,” wrote Steve Ouimette. There’s also a “Q” setting to deepen the tone … a lot. Using the auto-wah feature, Steve “was able to pull out slow Uni-Vibe and faster Leslie-like tones with ease—and even some early Jimmy Page-style ‘Dazed and Confused’ sounds without a trip to the foot doctor!” The speed of the auto-wah is controlled by a knob on the side of the pedal, and displayed by a flashing red LED, so you can lock in the tempo.
Street $259

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