PG's Chris Burgess is On Location in Nashville, TN, for Summer NAMM '09 where he swings by the TSI Distributing booth, which handles 3rd Power Amplification and G-Lab Guitar Laboratory effects.

We get to hear 3rd Power's first amp offering from their HLH 100 Series, the HD100 (a 100W head) and their unique HLH cabinets that house Celestion Vintage 30s. The hand-wired, point-to-point HD100 head comes loaded with 4-EL34s, various outputs (16 ohm, 8 or 4) 3-12AX7 preamp tubes. The speaker cabinets are designed to remove the beaming and comb-filtering of a typical cabinet. The 3rd Power guys said that when stacking three-3x12 cabinets together, you can attain a high-quality *WET/DRY/WET sound in the same space as two conventional cabinets.

The G-Lab True Bypass Wah-Pad is a full analog device that makes the use of wah-wah type effects more comfortable. As described to us by the G-Lab fellas, using a traditional wah-wah effect requires switching it ON and OFF, which forces the player to perform an additional operation during which playing is not possible. The wah-pad eliminates this operation. The wah-pad is supplied from included 9V internal battery or an external power supply adapter.