(Birmingham, Alabama) November 19, 2008 -- Have you ever bought a vintage guitar that clearly had some stories to tell, but there was no way of hearing them? Now imagine if its original owner had put a journal in its case--something to be passed down from owner to owner along with the guitar so they could write about the venues it played, the year the pickups were changed, the tweaks, where the dings came from, etc.

Case Noteshas a new gear journal that is designed for that very purpose--so that an instrument has a way of passing down the stories and details of its journey through the years. They've introduced a small diary that fits in most instrument cases. It provides space for instrument information along with handwritten experiences from owners. Designed to accompany an instrument as it is passed down to family members or other owners, Case Notes is printed on archival quality paper which is acid-free.

“Small personal notebooks have been used to record the experiences and observations of artists, collectors and creative people since before the time of da Vinci,” said Case Notes creator, Brant Beene. “Case Notes is not just a personal notebook, it is a very specific record book for the owners of stringed musical instruments. It has sections to include the make, model, serial number, color, distinctive marks, materials used in construction, engraving, binding, and other detailed descriptions of every part of the instrument from headstock to tailpiece.

Another interesting feature, especially for gearheads and historians, is the area where owners can specifically document any pickup changes, bridge modifications, neck replacements, interesting dings or a celebrity impromptu jam that may happen with the instrument. 

“If you’ve ever watched the Antiques Road Show you know how much value that owner history and handwritten notes can add to any item,” said Beene.

Not many instrument manufacturers are including the discrete leather book with their instruments yet, but don't be surprised if the next guitar case you open has this leather-wrapped record book in it.

MSRP $29.99

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