Plaistow, NH(November 25, 2008) -- Atomic Amplifiers and Fractal Audio Systems have announced that they are now operating as one company. This partnership has united two musical instrument companies with complimentary audio and guitar products. Fractal's amp simulation and effects processing technology combined with Atomicʼs line of various amplifiers has set the stage for some innovative collaborations.
Both brands will remain intact, but will benefit from shared product development, engineering, sales, service, marketing, artist relations and distribution efforts. With the brands combining, representatives believe the shared philosophy of putting the customer first will only strengthen with the combined resources of both companies.

However, new offerings from the joint venture will not be bound by one specific design philosophy. Regardless of whether the platform is tube, digital, solid state, hybrid or otherwise, Fractal and Atomic will work to earn the respect of guitarists, producers and musicians alike by creating top quality gear that utilizes the technology that works best for the given application.

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