PG's Joe Coffey is On Location in Nashville, TN, for Summer NAMM '09 where he visits the Hayden and Ashdown booth. In this segment, we get to check out several different models of bass amps from Ashdown including the TourBus10 (bass practice amp with volume, bass and treble controls, a headphone socket for silent practice, a CD/MP3 input and 6.5" driver), Five Fifteen (bass practice amp combines a 100 watt power section with a single 15" Ashdown BlueLine bass speaker and features controls - bass, middle and treble, supplemented by a pre-shaped 'deep' switch), Electric Blue Combo (uses a 180 Watts RMS fan-cooled fast-transient power stage, and a bass preamplifier with inputs for both active and passive, an illuminated VU meter, 5 band EQ with Bright and Deep switches, a front panel-mounted balanced DI output for connection to a PA or recording console, an FX loop and a tuner/line output), MAG 300 (features a fan-cooled 307 watts RMS power section, rotary bass, middle and treble controls, a comprehensive 5 band EQ section. Additionally, front panel push switches for Bright and Deep settings and inputs for active and passive instruments), ABM 500 (575 watts RMS bass amp head, 3-straightforward rotary tone controls, 2-pairs of additional sliders, a single input is switchable for passive and active instruments with a blend of solid state and dual triode tube preamps stages, also foot-switchable is the on-board compressor and the Ashdown sub-harmonic generator which precisely tracks the main signal and reproduces it an octave lower, a front-panel mounted balanced DI out with pre or post EQ switching, a sub-bass output, a tuner output, and a FX loop)

The Hayden Amps we see include the Peacemaker 40 Combo (Class A, 2-channel 40 watt combo with a 12" Hayden Custom speaker with 4-EL84 power tubes) and the Peacemaker 60 head (Class A, 2-channelThe Peacemaker 60 is a 60 Watt head using a pair of EL34 valves in the output section and 4-12AX7 valves in the preamp stage).