Tempe, AZ(October 26, 2010) -- Mod Kits, manufacturers of DIY pedal and amp kits, has released their second amp kit: the MOD102. The MOD102 is based on classic American tube circuit design combined with a British-style Class A output tube section. At low volume it produces a clean chiming tone that moves into smooth overdrive at higher volumes. All parts are included along with a pre-drilled aluminum chassis, wire, and tubes (one EL84 and one 12AX7).

Mod Kits are designed to give both novice and experienced musicians the opportunity to build their own amps and effects pedals. All kits come with easy to follow instructions and use point-to-point wiring. A pre-drilled enclosure and all parts are included. All you need to provide are hand tools, a soldering iron and solder. The effect pedals operate on a 9V battery; for a longer lasting option, a 9-volt adapter can be purchased separately. Street price $215.

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