Vancouver, BC(September 8, 2010) -- Primacoustic is pleased to announce the all-new TelePad-4 designed specifically for Apples latest iPhone. This enables musicians to mount their iPhone directly on a mic stand, music stand or hi-hat to allow them to view one of the many applications that are proliferating around the globe.

According to Primacoustic Sales manager Steve McKay: “The new iPhone-4 is already selling at record levels and we wanted to make sure our customers had an immediate solution on hand. The TelePad-4 is perfectly suited for chord charts, backing tracks, guitar tuner and lyrics for those that play live.”

The TelePad-4 features a high impact cradle with quick release to take the hone off the stage in between sets. This attaches to the microphone stand clamp which is equipped with a ball joint for 360º rotation and adjustable viewing angle. This way, the TelePad can be used in both portrait and landscape modes. The adjustable clamp allows the TelePad to fit on the stand portion, the boom and on other devices like hi-hats, music stands and crash cymbal stands. MSRP $35.

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