Tribute: The Stooges' Ron Asheton

from Rolling Stone

You've probably already heard the news. Rolling Stone has a nice tribute.

Page's Manager: Zep Done for Good

from Gibson

For those of you still holding your breath, it's time to exhale. Seriously, let go, once and for all. Gibson has the details.

Fender's Bringing Back the Ukelele

from Guitar Player Gear Guide

There are people out there who want Ukeleles, right? Well, Fender's hoping so. They're going to have a line coming out soon. Oh, and if you're too cool to admit that ukes are amazing instruments in the right hands, we submit exhibit A: Jake

Sting Teaches Guitar in Garage Band

from The Industry Standard

News from MacWorld: in Mac's iLife 09, the latest version of Garage Band features basic guitar lessons from guys like Sting. But wait.. they cost $4.99 a pop, which is either a rip or an awesome deal, depending on how much you love the Police.