Cornwall, Ontario(July 21, 2011) -- The SpeakerValve is a live load attenuator that connects between any tube amp, up to 120 watts, offering the player continuously variable control over the speaker’s output level, allowing players to get big and loud amp tone at more manageable volume levels.

The typical tube amp’s harmonically rich and saturated tone ,that can normally be attained at ear-splitting levels, is retained intact by the SpeakerValve attenuator. This is made variably adjustable, right down to bedroom volume levels if required.

The SpeakerValve also offers a Reducer output that can lower the amp and speaker output approximately 75 percent less. For example, a 50-watt amp hooked to the SpeakerValve could easily be “turned into” the equivalent of a 13-watter.


Each SpeakerValve is individually handmade in Canada by Gilles Grignon, designer of the SpeakerMate line of products.

  • No AC or battery power required for operation
  • Measures 16.25” wide x 9.25” deep x 5.25” high
  • 14 lbs. 120 watt power handling. 8 Ω impedance
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Source: Press Release