New York Dolls, Smokin’ Music
Somehow or another, a New York Dolls’ appearance at an indie music festival is fuel for both the indie cred argument and the festival sellout argument. The Dolls have achieved a certain level of notoriety, but they’ve always been anti-establishment. Strangely, however, listening to Steve Conte strumming monstrous proto-punk, glam-rock chords on his ’04 white Les Paul Supreme, we could not help but feel the weight of their influence on today’s music. Conte also rocked his ’60 LP Jr. and his ‘66 Melody Maker (refinished pink w/ white pearl guard). All his guitars were running through a requested backline setup of a Marshall JCM 800 head and 4x12 cab with Celestion 30 speakers. As Conte told us, that rig is the best way to capture his classic NYD-tone.