Hanson Guitars
Chicago’s Hanson Musical Instruments, which made a name producing modern and vintage-style pickups, is unveiling a new full line of guitars intended to bring quality and cool, retro-inspired designs to working musicians at prices they can afford. The first two models, available in August, recall the Italian electric solidbody aesthetic of the late fifties and early sixties: the Cigno, a set-neck triple P-90 design, and the Firenze, a triple mini-humbucker with bolton neck. The other members of the line, the Gatto with its mahogany body, set-neck and dual Hanson classic humbuckers, and the semi-hollowbody, mini-humbuckerequipped Chicagoan will be available in October. All models are available with either Bigsby vibrato or stop tail piece.

MSRP $799–$1160