PG's Jordan Wagner is On Location in Nashville, TN, for the 2010 Summer NAMM Show where he visits the AboveGroundFX booth. In this segment, we get to check out their three newest guitar effects pedals--Rocks Hard Distortion, Ropez PH Phaser and Tap Tremolo.

The Rocks Hard is a rich distortion that offers big, crunchy gain tones without losing definition in chords and single string notes. AbovegroundFX describe the Ropez PH Phaser with rich, clean modulating sounds that maintain guitar level when activated making it great for live use. Its versatile controls allow for a wide variety of sonic possibilities ranging from the hypnotic and dizzying to the spooky and sickening.

The Tap Tremolo is described as having a clean and full bandwidth sound for the least coloration on an entirely analog signal path. As with all of our effects the tremolo is true bypass. The Ratio knob affects the factor which the tap tempo is multiplied by fixed stepped amounts, from 4x to 1/4x the tapped frequency.