1. Bootleg Guitars Dawg Basses
US-built Dawg basses feature a 34" scale, ash bodies, quartersawn maple necks, a brass nut, Bartolini BC4C humbuckers, Volume and Blend knobs, CTS pots, and solid-brass Hipshot B-style bridges.

2. Source Audio Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter
The Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter has a Wet/Dry Mix knob and four modulation options—wah, envelope, LFO auto-wah, and Hot Hand motion sensor-controlled modes—for an incredible array of funky and/or mind-bending sounds.

3. Bluesman Vintage ’61 El Dorado
Tennessee-based Bluesman Vintage had a collection of beautiful, Fender-inspired “recreations,” including this Candy Apple-finished ’61 El Dorado J-style bass. With matching headstock and early- ’60s-style features, it was among the more eye-catching specimens in a booth full of handsome, vintage-style instruments.

4. Overton Amps Flyweight 200 and Touready OB-110 Cab
This new head lives up to its name—it weighs just two pounds—and features an auto compressor, Sculpt control, and a 3-band active EQ, in addition to Gain and Master Volume controls. The Touready OB-110 cab features a tuned-port design and a 10" speaker that handles 250 watts at 4 Ω or 8 Ω.