1. DigiTech iPB-10 Programmable Pedalboard
The iPB-10 features an iPad dock and DigiTech’s new iPB Nexus app, which offers 87 different pedal models, 37 amp models, and 32 cabinet models. All models can be quickly and easily manipulated onscreen via visual representations of the devices. Fourteen footswitches let you switch between 20 banks of five virtual pedalboards, each of which can include up to 10 pedals, as well as amp emulations that you can insert at any point in the chain.

2. Levana Mellow-D Digital Delay
The Mellow-D digital delay has a rear-panel Jitter switch that lets you add a low- or high-frequency oscillation to the signal for delectably trippy lo-fi tones. It also features an expression pedal input and up to 1000 ms of delay.

3. Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar
This new pedal from the stompbox innovators at EHX aims to give you access to sitar tones with a polyphonic Lead voice and tunable emulations of sympathetic-string drones. It has two expression-pedal inputs for bending the pitch of the lead voice and controlling the volume of the sympathetic tones.

4. Amptweaker TightRock
Amp and effects guru James Brown’s new TightRock has EQ and Gain Boost switches, as well as a noise gate that adjusts in tandem with the Gain knob. It also features a PlexEQ switch for old-school stack flavors and a SideTrak effects loop that disengages when the pedal is on so you can have, say, modulation effects from your pedalboard activated with your clean sound but then click the TightRock on to blast out a solo with a direct, in-your-face tone.