Fort Wayne, IN (October 9, 2012) – Sweetwater, the third-largest music instrument and pro-audio retailer in the U.S., has just launched Guitar Gallery 2.0, an upgraded and significantly feature-enhanced version of its popular Guitar Gallery online guitar search function.

Long an innovator in online merchandizing, Sweetwater invented Guitar Gallery in 2004. This exclusive feature at allows customers to search and browse thousands of guitars by viewing high-resolution photos of almost every guitar in Sweetwater’s huge warehouse. Product pages include as many as 10 different photos of the same guitar, including guitar case photos, and allow the customer to purchase individual guitars by serial number. Each guitar is first thoroughly evaluated through Sweetwater’s unique 55-point evaluation process, performed by a team of highly trained guitar technicians, and then goes into a studio where the photos are taken.

At the new Guitar Gallery makes finding the precise guitar easier than ever, whatever the criteria.

It provides a whole new level of powerful search options, including specific color, type of pickup, body style, and even what type of tonewoods are used on the guitar; and results can be filtered to match any budget.

The look of Guitar Gallery has been enhanced, as well. Customers can configure the view to see only what's important to them, and can then save their favorites for easy reference in the future. With a new comparison tool, which aligns chosen guitar photos or specs side by side, it's simple to make an informed decision between multiple guitars, even if they're very similar models. 

Sweetwater founder and president Chuck Surack said, “A first in the music industry, the original Guitar Gallery brought the thrill of a guitar showroom to the comfort of your home, letting you see the actual guitar that you're buying from every angle. Our newly enhanced Guitar Gallery goes far beyond that, letting you filter through thousands of instruments to quickly find your dream guitar. There’s nothing anywhere else online like the experience of shopping on Guitar Gallery.”

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