Bend, OR(November 30, 2010) -- Two Old Hippies and Breedlove announced today that Breedlove would join the Two Old Hippies family of guitar brands that includes Bedell Guitars and Great Divide Guitars. According to the press release, Breedlove production will remain under supervision of Kim Breedlove in Bend, Oregon. Here's the official word on the merger:
Mumbling something about “Getting the band back together”, Two Old Hippies founders, Tom and Molly Bedell, along with Breedlove’s Kim Breedlove and “Crazy” Pete Newport have announced that they are joining forces to create “The World’s Coolest Guitar Company.” This confirms Breedlove is indeed joining the Two Old Hippies family.

The synergy in the merger is immediately obvious; both Two Old Hippies Tom Bedell and Breedlove’s Kim Breedlove are products of the ‘60s, and the spirit of Peace, Love and Rock n’ Roll has never left either one of them. While Bedell grew up in Iowa, and Breedlove in San Diego, the ethos of the times and the influence of the budding folk and rock n’ roll cultures left indelible marks on both men, driving them to play, buy, sell, design, and build guitars. Of the synergy between Breedlove and Two Old Hippies, Breedlove inspiration and designer Kim Breedlove says “It’s just an amazing fit. Tom and I only met a few short months ago, but the level of convergence of passion, experiences, and commitment to the values we learned growing up in the sixties is amazing. Breedlove is just a natural fit for the culture at Two Old Hippies – it’s all about doing the right thing, feeling good, and remembering what got us excited about the music business in the first place.”

Based in Bend, Oregon, Breedlove will continue operations in its current facility and will expand to create the Bedell USA Custom Shop. Kim Breedlove will continue to drive Breedlove product development, and Tom Bedell will have the perfect workshop to further advance his Bedell and Great Divide guitar creations.

“We've always admired Breedlove's spark, quality, and innovations. The Breedlove Company team is also very versatile and full of potential,” says Bedell. “We will continue to operate with little to no change in the Breedlove distribution network, programs or product lines in the near future.” Bedell went on to comment that the addition of Breedlove to the Two Old Hippies existing Great Divide and Bedell brands gives the company the ability to provide musicians at any level of ability or financial wherewithal the best instrument for the money, anywhere. “We’re musicians first” said Bedell “and we want to provide the best possible instrument available for all of the players out there who continue to embody the things that we love – Peace, Love, and Rock n’ Roll”.
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