Woodstock, NY (May 7, 2011) -- Known for fresh new ideas with inspiring musical results, Veillette Guitars has taken a very melodious look backward with the new Terz 6, a 22 inch scale acoustic 6-string that harks to the early 19th century, and brings all the intriguing hybrid tones of the incredibly successful Terz 12 (Terzilla). Combining elements of tenor guitars, bouzoukis, mandocellos, and the ever-popular Veillette Gryphon, the unique range, punch, and sweetness of the Terz tuning are now available to every adventurous guitar player.

Tuned up to A (or G), the Terz bursts with volume, sparkle, and character. The higher range makes this a powerful tool for layering over standard guitars, doubling or mimicking mandolin or bouzouki parts, or for playing solo in an intriguing sonic middle ground.

In addition, both 6-string and 12-string Terz models are now available with a cutaway for extra upper-fret access, and even greater range for upper-register exploration.

Starting at $3720 retail, the Terz guitars are handmade in Veillette Guitars’ Woodstock NY workshop. Veillette builds a full line of acoustic and electric guitars and basses, with extensive custom shop capability. Customers include Dave Matthews, James Taylor, Ani DiFranco, Neal Schon, Joe Perry, Eddie Van Halen, “Skunk” Baxter, Colin Hay, Keller Williams, and many more.

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