Markneukirchen, Germany(September 15, 2008) - Many a custom shop offers beautiful, rare wood selections these days -- as a result, the buying public is getting quite a schooling on non-traditional varieties that can really make an instrument stand out.

Here''s alinkto the woods offered by the Framus Custom Shop. This one in particular caught our eye:


Here''s the lowdown from Framus: Thuja wood comes from a tree that is commonly known as arborvitae (from Latin for tree of life) or thuja; several species are widely known as cedar but they are not true cedars (Cedrus). They are evergreen trees growing 10 - 60 m tall (ca. 200 ft).
The Thuja wood at Warwick comes from a very specific region of North Africa, in Marocco. Thuja is very robust, rather heavy, oily and aromatic. Since this wood grows most often in bush form, it doesn''t put down particularly large roots. It''s hardly an easy task, therefore, to find suitable logs for the construction of guitars and basses.

For more info:
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