We saw a LOT of gear at the L.A. Amp Show. Here''s a listing of all of our video demos.

65 Amps
Fuchs Audio Technology Red Iron Amps
Blackstar Amplification HT5 Goodsell Black Dog 50 & Super 17   Reeves Amplification
Bogner Amplification Alchemist & Duende Jaguar Twin and Junior Amps Rivera Amplification
Brown Note Brown Fox Amp
Kaliphoria Music Reverb & Journeyman   Simple Amps
Bugera 6260 Valve Amplifier Kasha Amps RoBo Cab & ROCKMOD Surreal Amps V.M. 50 Triple Stage
Carvin X100B & Vintage 16 Lone Wolf Outlaw Amp   Tonic Amps Vapour
Egnater Amplification Mod Series Peavey JSX 212 Combo   Ugly Amps Ugly 18
Egnater Amplification Rebel 20   Peavey Windsor Series   XITS Sound Piper X30
Egnater Amplification Renegade 50

Cardinal Instruments Copper Top Guitar Minarik Guitars Trinity Custom  Outlaw Guitars
Joe Till Custom Guitars   Moser Custom Shop Guitars  Peavey Custom Shop Guitars 
DigiTech HardWire Pedal Series Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler
Eventide Mod Factor GeekMacDaddy Ball Breaker & GeekDriver Vox Satchurator
Pickups, Speakers, and Misc
ampRiser Mercury Magnetics Various Terror Kits TiSonix Titanium Guitar Components  
Jensen Loudspeakers Jet Series
Moody Leather
Lollar Pickups Nordstrand Vintage Style Pickups