Singer Brad Delp’s tenure with the band Boston had its ups and downs, but Delp played a significant part in three of Boston’s four albums, including their debut self-titled smash hit, and helped produce many universally recognizable tunes like, “More than a Feeling,” and “Peace of Mind.” Since Boston produced music on and off for more than 20 years, with the band’s lineup constantly changing, Delp filled in the space between Boston albums with other musical ventures.

Always keeping his foot in the music industry door, Delp released a solo album, teamed with Boston bandmate Barry Goudreau for two different projects: Orion the Hunter and RTZ. He also served as a guest on the albums of Keith Emerson and the Lisa Guyer Band, and even formed a Beatles tribute band.

Divorced twice, Delp’s personal life was as rocky as his tenure with Boston, although things seemed to be looking up in 2007. Delp was engaged and Boston was reuniting for an album and a tour. However, on March 9, 2007, Delp was found dead in his home. The death was attributed to suicide, and Boston’s future remains uncertain.

With many Boston fans on our staff, Premier Guitar honor’s Delp’s contribution to rock history – rock on Brad!