Anaheim, CA(February 6, 2008) - Check out the distortion possibilities at your fingertips with these Seymour Duncan pedals. The SFX-08 Power Grid Distortion pedal is a high gain, solid state stomp with a three-band active EQ. It has a multi-element gain and volume control that lets you dial in the power, crunch and sustain you''re looking for. SD''s Frank Falbo lets you hear it all in this video. The SFX-04 Twin Tube Mayhem is a hard core metal player''s ultimate weapon, using a pair of 62051 pentode tubes to give you a full onslaught of preamped, boosted distortion that covers every nuance of thrash and doom. The dynamic range is nuts -- despite its ability to dial in the heavist of heavy thrash goodness, it can also reign in those old-school heavier rock tones that you can only achieve with tubed circuitry.


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Seymour Duncan Power Grid
Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Mayhem