New York, NY(May 29, 2008) -- Any discussion of must-see guitar stops includes West 48th Street - NY''s famous Music Row where several high end guitar shops are within walking distance of each other. Like anything else, West 48th has changed a bit over the years; regardless,the heavy guitar vibe is still there. Check out these videos to get a taste of what''s waiting for your at West 48th Street. Also, we bring you a video tour of Sammy Ash''s personal gear collection.

West 48th Street- Sam Ash Guitars- This isn''t your typical Sam Ash store. This one is pretty much guitars, guitars, guitars... and high end guitars, at that.

West 48th Street -Manny''s Music- This is where the history is at, not to mention a deep selection of boutique guitars. See the demo guitar played by Hendrix, et al.

West 48th Street - Rudy''s Music Stop - Seriously, West 48th Street is just ridiculous when it comes to gear. Rudy''s carries another top notch assortment of gear, ranging from vintage pieces to extremely limited edition runs to custom-made boutique stuff.

Mr. Sammy Ash''s Personal Collection- Yes, there is a Mr. Sammy Ash, and yes, his collection has some cool stuff in it: historicially significant PRS guitars, guitars signed by A-listers and some highly collectable gear.

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