"A late ''67 Fender ''drip edge'' Bandmaster: dead-stock, matched set, one-owner (I''m the second)."

Who needs a singer, anyways?
"Some years back on the eve of an important audition for a house band gig, our lead singer found himself jailed on a drunk and disorderly charge. The night before his arrest our mixing board had crashed and burned during rehearsal. What to do – pay the bail or buy a new PA? We opted for the new board, re-arranged our demo set that afternoon and – to our collective surprise – got the job. Our front man never forgave us and went on to a lucrative solo career in the food service industry."

"My ''Fillmore'' rig: a 1978 vintage Fender Twin Reverb with factory ''orange basket'' JBL D-120F speakers, with a ''65 re-issue version (also equipped with JBLs). Both amps poised on a pair of vintage Fender Bandmaster cabs for the ultimate in festival/outdoor stage projection."

"The porch weasel from hell: Fender Stage 100 DSP with matching DT112 extension cab. Not quite as toneful as a Fender with vacuum tubes, but this little critter is capable of causing seismic events and eats Crate half-stacks for lunch!"

Other gear in my stash: Fender Stratocaster 12-string, 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior, Ibanez PF-120 acoustic

Roger''s Tone Philosophy
The best gear in the world is only a small part of the equation; the lion’s share of what emanates from your amp comes from your fingers. The nuance of your picking style, a credible vibrato, an articulated hammer on/off technique, and a symbiotic relationship between the vibrations of your strings and that of your speaker(s) is a more significant factor to your overall sound than your choice of guitar, amp, cabinet, or stomp-box effect. There’s a world of difference between a “Mastercard Maestro” who runs a monthly tab at the local music merchant in a rush to buy the latest and greatest “widget du jour” and someone who practices his craft four or five hours a day (beyond normal band rehearsals and/or play dates). Money only buys you gear – but practice yields your tone.

To join Roger as a Premier Collector, send an e-mail with photos and a description of your gear to rebecca@premierguitar.com

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