Woody B''s Internal Combustion Guitar

from Internalcombustionguitar.com

We thought we''d heard of everything, especially after yesterday''s "Riffs" featuring the Heineken keg can 5W amp. Well, if you like the rumble of a hog between your legs, you may love the rumble between your fingertips with this guitar. Created by Woody B, calling home Coupeville, WA, who claims to have been turned onto this idea for the Internal Combustion Guitar way back in 1967 when he first met Hendrix and felt the vibration of Jimi''s Marshalls. With the cost ranging from $2400-2800, maybe we''ll hold out for a bit longer and get a HD Sportster for the office.

Emerald Joins Traveling Guitar Ranks

from Emeraldlife.com

Didn''t find your travel guitar in our May ''08 feature? Perhaps try the luck of the Irish. The good people at Emerald Guitars based out of Cavanacaw, Ireland, have recently created the X5 Life travel guitar. While it uses all full-scale options and setup, the guitar is suitable for nearly all airline travel as a carry-on option. The staff at Emerald have uploaded several photos of them playing and later attempting to drown the guitar along the Irish coastline.

Noel Gallagher Attacked Onstage

from NYTimes.com

The British band Oasis postponed its concert in London, Ontario, on Tuesday after an attack on the band’s guitarist, Noel Gallagher, at a concert on Sunday. The Associated Press reported. Mr. Gallagher was injured onstage when a man pushed him from behind at a performance at the Virgin Festival in Toronto. The band’s Web site, oasisinet.com, said that Mr. Gallagher’s ribs and a hip were bruised.