Beavis Board Stompbox Circuit


Beavis Audio Reseearch, a guitar audio technology company, has released The Beavis Board, a do it yourself stompbox circuit. Although the nifty little gimmick comes with quite a price tag, it offers plenty of options and features to tinker with. This is what MusicRadar thinks about the pedal kit, and here''s a link to Beavis'' product description.

Chinese Democracy Leak

from Chicago Tribune

Nine total tracks from Guns N'' Roses'' long awaited CD have reportedly been leaked via the internet. Although six of the tracks were previously leaked in demo versions, this is the first time they have been available in their entirety. Here''s a track listing of the leaked songs. And this is the scoop on the leak from the Chicago Tribune.

The Meaning Of Mojo

from Strat-O-Blogster

Mojo? What exactly does it mean? We sure don''t know, but these bloggers think they do. Here''s what Strat-O-Blogster has to say (you have to scroll down a ways), and here are some thoughts from IG Blog.