Van Halen''s Guitar For Sale

from 100 Percent Vintage Auctions

Okay, it''s not the guitar he used on the first album, but hey - this opportunity isn''t too shabby. One of Eddie''s main stage guitars from the 5150 tour is for sale. It''s being sold by Kevin Dugan, EVH''s tech for 25 years. Starting bid: $25,000. Go here to view Kevin''s statement and auction link.

50 Ugliest Guitars


Ever see a mom with a butt-ugly kid and wonder how she loves it? She does, obviously, as do people who play butt-ugly guitars. At least we assume they do. Gawk away, here.

Robert Plant Agrees to Rejoin Zeppelin


After passing on the idea of a reunion tour just over a week ago, Robert Plant has changed his mind. Apparently once Plant heard the band was auditioning for a fill-in singer, he realized they were serious and it prompted his return back to the band--so says the Sun, anyway.For more information about the tour and band comments, visit here.

Hall Of Fame Announces Nominees


It''s that time of year again--the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has selected its final list of nominees... Jeff Beck, Metallica and the Stooges are among them. Go here, to check out the rest of this year''s list.