Pagelli Louis Christ Acoustic Guitar

from Guitar Noize

This is one of those guitars we could look at all day and still not be sure whether it is beautiful or just crazy. It is crafted to resemble the shape of a woman''s body. Check out Pagelli''s site for other unique acoustics -- we like the "Wallpaper."

Instruments from Car Parts

from Courier Mail (Australia)

Apparently Ford is really into music right now (see their most recent Fender partnership). They''ve disassembled a Ford Focus and made 31 instruments out of its parts, including a guitar made from the clutch. Looks like this one will be airing across the pond, but chances are it will show up on eBay eventually.

Temporary Tattoos for Your Guitar

from The Boston Globe

We''re really not sold on this idea, but if plastering your guitar with removable stickers that feature sexy cowgirls or nightmare clowns is your idea of a cool stage accent, then this might be something to check out.