Fender Wallet?

from Gear Fuse

You ain''t rockin'' until you''re rockin'' this wallet: the Fender Amp wallet. It looks like a pair of stacked amps and has a cable instead of the ol'' rocker chain. "For Metal Heads and Posers Alike." (gotta love Gear Fuse)

Guitar Player Want Ad From Hell

from some blogger

Looking for some email/forum sig material to replace those old Spinal Tap lines? Here ya go...

In case you missed it before the Hudson Valley CraigsList webmaster took it down, here is the much-circulated want ad for a guitarist that everybody''s forwarding. Was it the real thing or a joke? Who knows. Who cares. This is classic.
guitar heist

Stolen Guitar Collection

from WKYT

If you can endure watching this Lexington, Kentucky local news report, you''ll see the story of a man whose guitar collection was stolen. Most of it, anyway.