Love for Acoustic Duets

from Acoustic Guitarist Blog

Guitar instructor Tony Hogan explains the appeal of duets in this nice write-up, along with some tips for making the most out of a duet.

A Guitar Charity Run by Teens

from The Boston Herald

These brothers founded a charity in 2005 at ages 14 and 15 that gives used guitars to kids that need them and have even sent guitars overseas to the Middle East. What was their mom putting in their cereal, because we''d love to see the high-schoolers we know put some effort towards helping others!

StewMade''s Guitars for 2008

from Stew''s Clues Blog

This guy has some interesting ideas for guitars, including the pictured orange crate guitar. He has previously built guitars from the wall studs from his house and a surfboard-inspired guitar that caught the attention of the Fender Custom Shop.