Guitar Toolkit from Apple

from Blogger

Attention guitarists with iPhones: in the new application store is a "guitar toolkit" with a tuner, chord maps, metronome and more. See it here, with screenshots of the applications.

Bachman Sells Guitars to Grestch


Randy Bachman, of the Guess Who and Bachman Tuner Overdrive, has a one-of-a-kind Gretsch collection. Now, Gretsch has purchased the collection, which features rarities like a White Penguin and a Country Gentleman prototype, for display in their museum. Unfortunately, the article doesn''t have pictures.

Electric Junk Guitar

from Etsy

This interesting class has students build an electric guitar out of little more than a piece of wood, a string and some wires.

Robert Johnson Played Electric?

from The Delta Blues Blog

This blog looks at the idea that Robert Johnson may have played early electric guitars before his death in 1938.