iVideosongs Succeeds on iTunes

from Wired Blog

We told you about iVideosongs when it first launched. Now, just three and a half months later, the lesson service has become one of the most downloaded podcast services on iTunes, with lessons holding six of the top 20 spots. Turns out, guitarists dig high-def lessons with their favorite artists. Shocking!

Arctic Monkeys vs. The Kooks

from Contactmusic.com

Conflict in British bands and Oasis is not involved? Preposterous. Apparently the Arctic Monkeys guitarist unplugged the Kooks guitarist''s guitar during a show. In other news, both bands are set to graduate from kindergarten in the fall.

Of course, we must rescind our original statement regarding Oasis; if you read to the bottom you''ll see that the band hasn''t stayed free from drama after all!

John 5 Interviews

from Blabbermouth.net

John 5 has a new album coming, and he''s been busy promoting it. Click here to see his video interview on Musicians'' Friend; he also appeared on the radio show Maximum Threshold.