Heineken Joins Boutique Elite?

from Gearfuse.com

While most rock stars polish off and then leave the Heineken backstage, here''s a reason to keep those empty cans. If recycling or collecting the deposit isn''t enough motivation, eBay seller k_hessler is auctioning off a Heineken mini-keg, 20W amplifier for $119.99. We wonder if he''s slamming the Heineken just to build these amps?!

Pink Floyd''s Richard Wright Dies at 65

from BBC.com

Pink Floyd keyboard player and founding member Richard Wright has died from cancer. Wright appeared on the group''s first album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, in 1967 alongside lead guitarist Syd Barrett, Roger Waters and Nick Mason. .

A List of Shredders

from Gibson.com

Hopefully, the folks can at Gibson can put an end to the ongoing debate here at PG - who are the best shredders to ever pick up the instrument? Then again, their list might add fuel to the fire. Either way, it''s fun going through their "8 of the Fastest Shredders" list, which has corresponding videos for each guitarist.

R.E.M. Should Join Screaming Stone

from Helsingin Sanomat

After playing at Finnair Stadium in Helsinki, Finland, R.E.M.''s Peter Buck had his Rickenbacker stolen right from the stage. While we feel Peter''s pain, as the guitar has been a loyal member of the band for over 25 years, we can only suggest he should join the Screaming Stone network featured in October''s "Hot Links." Screaming Stone is a social networking site for the music community created to help relocate lost and stolen instruments.