Wear Your Hobby With Pride

from IG Blog

If you''re part of the crowd that can''t stand the Guitar Hero/Rock Band video games, IG Blog has a shirt for you. Proclaiming "I Play Real Guitar," it''s the perfect thing to wear when picking up your kid from his Guitar-Hero-playing friend''s house. We can hear the embarrassed whining now.

The Greatest Forgotten Guitar Hero

from GPGG

The UK''s Guitar Player Gear Guide has written a lengthy blog post about Peter Green that is certainly worth a read.

Top ''70s Guitar Solos

from Men''s Style

We''re on the verge of losing track of what guitar-related lists have and haven''t been made. We''re actually working on our won list as we speak: Top 10 Guitar Riffs Played Live by Guitarists Who Had the Flu at the Time and Were Playing Guitars With a Tremolo. While you wait with bated breath for that one, check out this list of guitar solos from the seventies -- a plus is that you can actually vote on this one.