John 5 Injured On Motorcycle


Although we were sad to hear our friend John 5 was postponing his Fender and Zoom Clinic Tour, we were more relieved to hear that he''s doing just fine and should expect a full recovery. For more information regarding John''s current status and details on rescheduled dates for the Clinic Tour, visit here. Since he''ll be recuperating for a few weeks, check out our interview with John 5 from our August issue to get the devilish details on the rocker.

Reality TV We Can Dig


Our friends at Xotic Guitars and Effects just uploaded another video clip in their Xotic Reality Web Video from the "Pasadena Bass Day ''08." The videos feature prominent bassists in the industry like Jerry Watts, Chuck Rainey, Bill Dickens and many more. Head here to see exclusive live footage and interviews with these four-stringers.

A List Of Freakouts

from AudioTuts

Here is a list of "6 Awesome On Stage Freakouts Caught on Tape." Is it the fame, booze, drugs or money that drives these people bonkers? Axl, Winehouse and Kayne West all made the list, but we sure wish we had some equipment at the shows where Ozzy tried his bat-souffle in Des Moines or when Morrison went haywire in Miami.

Pro Tools Mania


Now here''s a sale that puts a smile on musician''s faces nationwide. The folks at Digidesign have announced a one-day only sale labeled "Pro Tools Mania" for Saturday September 13th. It will be hosted by participating dealers across the USA. Each dealer will have special bonus gifts and packaged giveaways for random customers. For more information on the sale offerings and participating dealers, visit here.