Series on John Lennon''s Guitars


Since mid-February, this website has been chronologically looking at John Lennon''s guitars, starting with his first 3/4-sized acoustic, up to this week''s segment on his 1964 Jose Ramirez A-1 "Segovia" classical. Lennon may not be best known for his chops, but it''s an interesting and detailed series that looks to have quite a few posts left to go.

FET Preamp Cable


We try to present the newest tips from the web, but sometimes when enough time has passed, it''s time to bring it back for those who may have missed it. Hackaday dug up this preamp cable mod from 2001.

1960s Supro Dual-Tone

from the M-Factor (blog)

This blogger set out to change the pots on his 1960s Supro Dual-Tone, with little electronic experience. Though changing pots is relatively simple, this is a nice step-by-step writeup, and it''s not every day we get to see the inside of one of these guitars.

SG-shaped Cake

from Layers of Love

We really don''t have much more to say about this than it''s a guitar-shaped cake. Enjoy!