Fab Four Interview Found

from Paste Magazine

A ancient Beatles interview was discovered last week in a garage in London. Music historians have determined that the conversation took place in 1964 with a Scottish television agency. This is the story, and here are some clips.

Ugly/Strange/Creative Guitars

from TheGearPage.net

Every so often it''s fun to scrounge for some of those wacky-lookin'' axes. That said, check out this forum for plenty of crazy pictures. You may have seen a couple already, but there''s plenty of variation. They''ve got the Babe Guitar (picture), the Wangcaster, a Cheese Guitar, and the Zoraxe. Don''t miss the 2nd page.

Expensive Guitars On eBay

from eBay.com

eBay is the place to be if you have $750,000 and a passion for incredibly rare, limited-edition guitars. A Vintage C.F. Martin D45 Acoustic is the big moneymaker today. However, for those of you with more conservative tastes, an old Alvarez Acoustic signed personally by Bo Diddley and Eddie Van Halen will go for only $100,000. Check them out here.